Kentucky’s gun laws are more tolerable than Ohio’s too. Ohio is horribly restrictive to the point of not being safe or American. Plus, one of their institutions knowingly violated my rights. I have not forgiven the state for that. I never will. You wonder why I am willing to let Ohio burn. There you go. The only part I will ever defend is where my family is. The rest can burn for all I care.

The state of Ohio violated my rights. No one defended me. No one. They said I was violent. They lied, and time has proven that. Still, I will never forget how this state betrayed me.

All of this was driven by the COG from the Pentagon. Ohio is the heart of the American war machine. They don’t like me, and I don’t like them.

I was made in Ohio though. Yep.

Yep fellas, you made me. It ain’t my fault. It is yours, all yours.

I am not the violent one. You are. Time has born that out too.

Yet,I have the KSAs. You gave them to me. You did when I was a kid.

You made me but I escaped. I am like Snake.

All that shit you know, COG, I have known since I was five years old.

I keep it all contained though. It is amazing really after all you have done to me.

It is why I am the anomaly.

I ain’t like Snake exactly. I don’t get sucked all the way in to your violent game.

Truth is, and you know it too, you have to try real hard to get Snake bit.

He will bite though if you leave him no choice.


Apparently, the COG is back in my blog messing stuff up. They don’t like me using their stuff against them. Nope.


The darkness I exhibit in this blog sometimes really is in me….

When I say I don’t like you or you mean nothing to me, it is true. I won’t deny it.

If you are not a good person, I have no use for you. I really don’t. I have no qualms ending such people.

I will do my best to avoid violence. If it is unavoidable, I will do my best to kill any attacker.

There is an ugly side to Jesus.

There is a beautiful side too.

I really don’t seek friends anymore. I never really ever have.

I don’t care about people.

I may act like it,but I don’t. Not really….

Sometimes I do, but only if they are good people.

Odds are all of you even though I may smile at you, or even say nice things to you, it don’t meaning I freaking like you.

If you treat me wrong, I  know it even if I don’t show it. I don’t forget either. Nope.

I can read you like a book.

I don’t kill people. I don’t care to kill people. Killing people is wrong. That is why don’t do it.

I don’t beat people, or stone them or any such thing.

Even if I don’t like them, I don’t hurt them.

Unless, they try to hurt me. If they do, odds are real high they will die. Die.

I won’t go out of my way to save people either. I may offer them tidbits.

Is there really a need for whites and blacks to get along? Is there? I mean what difference does it really make? For that matter, what law is there that I have to like anyone? I mean who says I have to like whites? Who says I have to like another freaking human on the planet besides me? There are some whites I cannot stand. Really, I don’t have to like any of you.

I can think of all kinds of people I would like to see dead.

Why do you suppose I have not wasted anyone yet?

I mean what has stopped me?

Do you know?

I have stopped me.

Hate is wrong. Hate is wrong. Hate is wrong. Do not forget that, Jeff Strobbe.

I just read about a black mob beating a white Marine to a pulp after he was warned the place was not safe for whites.

Needless to say I was incensed. I still am honestly.

God help anyone who tries to do that shit to me.

I know what I would do or die trying to.

I aint going to lie to you. I would have shot all of them until they stopped.

Why this Marine was not armed is beyond me.

Crazy white boy here. I ain’t denying that either.

Michael Brown

I too wish his life had turned out better, or if you prefer, differently than it did. I do not want this at the expense of the cop and others he had hurt….

If you want this “better” too, the best way to see it be better in the future is to speak the truth about what happened in Ferguson. I don’t mean just on the day Mike Brown died either. I mean before and after also.

I mean in the future.

I don’t see how the media can say that Mike Brown’s death was a tragedy with a straight face. It was inevitable.

I am hearing credible reports also that this Mike Brown was involved in a murder. He should have been in jail but because he is black, they let him out, now he is dead. That sounds like justice to me.

Tray on Martin was supposed to be in jail too. Now he is dead.

You all want to kill a good cop over a criminal.

You tried to hang George Zimmerman, said he was white. Guess what? He ain’t.

Go to hell.

You all kill that cop you got more blood on your hands.

I for one will likely never criticize a cop for wasting any black people anymore.

White people should exact revenge like black people? Maybe.

Dude has a shirt on that says, “Stop killing us.” No. If you try to kill us we will waste you. Your shirt moves me not in the least. See asshole, you tried to kill us and you lost. Try again, and you will keep losing, everyone will. Idiot.

I make no promise to not kill anyone. I will never make that promise again. I have no real qualms about killing anyone if they try to hurt me. You try to hurt me you just lost your right to live.

I told you all in this blog that you mean nothing to me. I wasn’t kidding.

Somebody said to me once after I had just beat someone down, “Man I am never going to F.. with you.”

Smart man.

Your life means nothing really, not really, at least not to me. It doesn’t matter who you are really.

Don’t ever fool yourself into thinking it does.

It doesn’t.

No one has a right to live really.

I don’t assign value to you. God does. I don’t.

If you don’t want the Crocodile to kill you, don’t mess with the Crocodile.

Take a different path.

Beretta Neos, with CCI Stingers equals 124 foot pounds of shoot a thug in the mouth accuracy and blow out his medulla oblongata protection for an American citizen.

I could put both his eyes out for good measure too.

I would show you video proof of such alleged accuracy but the NSA won’t let me post it.

i can put a round anywhere I choose. The government taught me when I was five years old.

I can do it to a Muslim, a thug, any criminal I want, anywhere anytime. Only, the government says protecting myself is illegal.

I can do this with a hand gun. You should see what I can do with a rifle.