It was frustrating see. I wanted to transition to second bottle cap. But both times, I couldn’t. It happened more than twice. I was and am not happy about that. I need more cushion.

Yes. It is impressive to hit a bottle cap from low ready with a DAO trigger of 12 pounds.

But it is more impressive to then hit another.

But my first shot kept ricocheting and knocking down second bottle cap. One shot. Two caps. No second shot required.

But see that drill is two rounds, two shots.


When and how does one “get on the trigger?”

So you want to be a cowboy?

I don’t.

White hat? Black hat?

I ain’t like that anymore.


Nice job losing JFK files. They probably never existed.

Even if they did, they would be redacted to point of gibberish.

And thing is, they are lies mostly regardless.


M. K. Ultra



It was NSA? Probably. Deep State.