Work 1730 to close must get ready quick

I am tired, sore and still grouchy.

I can deal with the tired and sore easily.

the grouchy is the challenge.

I will do it.

I am off tomorrow. Hope it is a nice day and I get to range.


It is 2200 and slow at work. Hurry up 0030!

Ok 0100 and I am home.

We got slammed right after I said we were slow.

But now I am off until Wednesday!


Charlie may win in end. And his parents did all they could. I said England gave up on Charlie, and they did. But not the parents. They said they would let Charlie go if he were in pain. It is their call, and in end, they made the call to leave it in God’s hands. I have no choice but to respect that. But England you dropped the ball. You could have let that child keep getting treatment. Shame on you.

I don’t fault Charlie’s parents. They have done everything they could do.

I said I would not judge them.

And Charlie is not my child anymore than he is the U.K. Government’s child.

It is in God’s hands now.

I guess ultimately all things are.

Charlie and his parent’s struggle is a type of lesson for us all.

For me, it is a reminder that vengeance belongs to God.

However, I don’t see acting to save a life as vengeance.

And justice I should mostly forget. It is mostly illusion.

Let there be no doubt, UK is guilty of numerous injustices toward Charlie Gard and his parents.


English soccer sucks. I predict they are about to go on a losing streak of epic proportions.

Their sides are going to be laughing-stocks of Europe I predict.

They will not win Euro or make World Cup.

They shall suck.

I feel that God has deemed this to happen as punishment for extinguishing Charlie Gard’s parrnt’s parental rights and Charlies’ life.

God may yet save Charlie.

Why you bastards want to deny that chance is beyond me.

Thjbh is though, Charlie I am still rooting for you.

The rest? Give them a boot.