Class, what I want you to observe is the variation in muzzle rise.

I like Old Sootch. I ain’t picking on him.

But I watch real close to my videos too.

I was watching this video and I noticed that Sootch kept the LR “flat” on some shots but not all.

That is not optimal.

It ain’t nitpicking really either.

The “control” must be as close to ever present as possible….

Now watch this. I ain’t picking on TheFirearmGuy either.


Now watch this fellow. He strives to do it right everytime.

Look how he controls (operates) this gun.


It ain’t magic. You must hold on to that sucker correctly.


Consistent adequate skill requires lots of work.

You got that kind of time?

Do your damndest to do it perfect every time.

Now watch this.



My Stock I Bought for Blog purposes is currently returning over 21 percent.

I invested 97.55 dollars and that investment has earned 20.95 dollars.

If the stocks does what I feel it might, I could turn that $97.55 into around $520 dollars soon.

We will see.

I bought at 3.02 with a 6.95 fee. If it hits a certain number, I will sell for sure. I have a ceiling in mind for this and a floor. I could get in, get out, get back in, get back out. Potentially.

Closed higher at $4.15, 28 percent gain.


So? Another day off. What do I want to do?

Do I want to “train?”

I was thinking of getting balloons and placing them in close proximity and putting fan on them get them whipping around real good and hitting the correct balloon only.

Or a few other things I haven’t tried yet.


I bought some fiber fix to experinent with….

Will do some.

Look for gold? Maybe.


Back from work, 23 runs

Two drivers called off.

Everything was 50% off and I should have made more money.

23 runs is most I ever had.

The tips sucked.

But you know what really sucks?

I had to work a lot harder to make less money.

It happens often, too often.

But you know what?

I said I would go back so I did.

I did best I could.

I see a raise in my future, should I stay that long.

I am back for now.

But I can always go down to two days, or put in notice.

Thing is, if others would show up, we would all make more money.

Team work is a lost art.

You know what else really sucks?

We got a person answering phones, and a line of five making pies and I am the only sob tending the two tiered oven pumping all
The food out.

Doing that by yourself is a bitch!

We have one driver who not only don’t help tend oven unless it is for his runs, which he always takes doubles, which he is not supposed to do, and on tap of that leaves shit a total mess.

So, that leaves me.

Which means I can’t get to my runs….

The other drivers get pissed and then quit or call off.

That screws me too.

I try to like all of them, many make it real hard.

I prefer to work with one other driver the most.

He can be counted on.

There is one other driver who works well when there, calls
Off fairly regularly though.


Complex I never delivered to before and directions said .5 miles, off by +.1, big difference on a busy road.

Eventually I got there, I tried to call customer, no answer.

I arrive and outer apt. Door is locked, no buzzer.

I call again, no answer.

I leave message that I was here etc.

I go to second delivery. Do second delivery. I get back in car.

Delivery one calls back. I take delivery to them.

That takes time. We are down to
Just me driving now.

Next delivery is a triple.

First customer gives home address so I go there. They are at work. So I go to second delivery. Then dudes work and then third run.

I go back. Get a double….

Oh and they tell me it is dangerous too.

BTW, nobody has found the driver who left and never returned.

I have no idea what happened.

First delivery, BMW in driveway, pool in ground.

The customer told me to keep the change. I had told her the bill.

She handed me three dollars less than price.

I didn’t know that until I got back to store.

I didn’t count it. And it may not have been intentional.

I will count it next time, probably.

I got the they think it is clever “keep the penny” several times.


Want to hear a classic get out of paying?

I make delivery. Lady tells me she paid with credit card. I knew she didn’t but she swore she did.

I go back to car and call store. They tell me I am correct and to go back and try to get payment.

Lady says, “I got the wrong pizza. I ordered Pizza Hut.”

I don’t work for the Hut.

I said OK then lady.

We don’t deliver to her now.


Words to live by from Jeff Cooper.

If you cannot ingrain these four things, you should not have a firearm, or any other such item.

Insert car for gun, same deal. Etc.

All guns are loaded.

Never point a gun at anything you do not want to destroy.

Never touch the trigger until target is acquired and a shot is required, appropriate.

Always be aware of what is beyond and around your target.

All endeavors should always reference and adhere to these things.