Always safety check any gun of any type before checking trigger pull!

Now I don’t mess with my triggers, or anyone else’s. That is for the manufacturer or a certified gunsmith.

I leave my triggers stock. If I can’t “deal” with trigger, I get rid of gun.

And the trigger pull weight of gun in this video is for target shooting. It is too light in my opinion for “carry.”

But I do want to know what trigger pulls are for my guns, all of them, Airsoft, BB, Pellet and firearms.

This will allow me to get data that will help me train more effectively.

I can match trigger pulls across genre….


Decided to amp up my ADDIE and take myself to new levels. SME Train.


Why should one study an Olympic shooter?

Lots of reasons…. All repetitions must be correct. The grip you dry fire and hold, better be correct.

I am not as big on dry fire. Airsoft is better. It gives feedback in terms of actual performance.

Dry fire can be bad. Why? Like I said, grip must be correct etc., every time. The lack of a targeted shot fired can hide problems, and worse, ingrain them.

There is merit to his take. Just beware of potential pitfalls. Always.

This fellow is one of best in world and a champion and knows of what he speaks.

They at that level all have something to offer….

These shooters are typically military or police, not always. They are truly some of the best in world and they should be studied.

Education. I am off today and so I am studying world’s best shooters.

I watch and admire and learn.